Services of Fire Department are paid or not?

Putting out and rescue services (during disasters, fires and accidents) are free of charge. In external conditions; Watering, water evacuation, ladder and escort services are fee. These fees are determined by the municipal council each year.

Do the fire stations response to the animal cases that do not require emergency and rescue?
Fire Brigade carries out the services of rescuing animals which are confined and restricted from movement. Fire department does not response animal cases that animals are in safe and healthy in its own habitat.
How to apply for training and practice services?
Training and practice services are carried out by Education and Training Unit. Applications can be made via   e-mail (itfaiyeegitim@izmir.bel.tr), fax ( +902322938958) and "APPLICATIONS FOR TRAINING REQUESTS" part of the web page.
Does the fire depatment make sweeping the chimney, cleaning canal and manhole?
Sweeping the chimneys are made by Authorized Companies. Cleaning canals and manholes are made by IZSU (Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Water Services Unit). You can access Authorized Companies through OUR SERVICES part of web page.
Is there any sanction by the fire department for people who burn garbage?
Fire Department have no statutory authority for people who burn grass, garbage, controlled fire. You can report such complaints to the municipal police unit of relevant district municipality.
Does the fire department have door opening service? If so, are they paid?

In case of emergency, it is free of charge. Except in emergencies; it's not possible.

Can we visit the fire department?
You can visit individually any time you want. For collective visits, by fax (+90 232 293 88 27), telephone (+90 232 293 88 00), e-mail (itfaiye@izmir.bel.tr ), or written application, you can visit any of our 50 fire stations in Izmir.
Does the fire department water sunction? If so, is it paid and in what conditions and circumstances?
Water suction services of the fire department are free of charge in flood disaster (rainwater), but in floods outside the disaster (water systems malfunction), it is paid. The water can not be drained when the height of the water is lower than a certain height.
My home/office burned down, when and how can I get its report?

The procedure is as follows:
First, the responding team prepares the report and submit it to the approval. The report is sent to the central office of Izmir Fire Department. It is filed as official documents with the signature of the relevant manager. All these processes are completed within 5 working days. The information of the persons who have suffered material damage during the event is indicated in the report (name, surname, address, business name, company information etc.).
This person or public institution or private organization may get a copy from any fire station OR a copy of "AS THE ORIGINAL" from central office of Izmir Fire Department and the other central fire brigades of territories (Aliaga, Torbali, Urla fire brigades).
Public or private organizations should request by fax, e-mail or official letter and appoint a specific staff member to get it.

NOTE:All fire brigades within the boundaries of Izmir Province are affiliated to the Fire Department of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality.